Diabetic Nerve Pain And How To Manage It

Federico Arguelles (Fico) describes to Matt Hepburn how OTC Wholesale was founded and how it came to cater to diabetics and those who suffer from chronic pain.


Federico Arguelles is the owner of OTC Wholesale, located in Sunrise, Florida. He has been helping individuals with diabetes and those who suffer from chronic pain for thirteen years, across the US.

Key Takeaways:

[01:12] Fico talks about his entrepreneurial spirit.

[01:38] the need for low cost diabetic supplies.

[02:49] OTC Wholesale is founded in 2002.

[03:36] OTC Wholesale and college student mentoring.

[05:03] Fico describes what diabetic nerve pain is and symptoms of its onset.

[05:33] Fico describes the onset symptoms and loss of feeling to limbs as the disease progresses.

[06:59] what are traditional methods of treating diabetic nerve pain?

[08:24] what new treatments are providing relief for clients?

[08:34] how do Tens Units stimulate blood flow into limbs and appendages?

[12:41] the size of Tens Units and portability of the units has changed.

[13:54] lithium batteries now in Tens Units

[14:13] a change in glycosometers in that they require much less blood.

[15:54] electrotherapy and the decrease of gangrene from the stimulation of blood.

[17:28] new changes to glycosometers

Mentioned In This Episode:

Email:  customerservice@otcwholesale.com

Website: http://www.otcwholesale.com/

Products Mentioned: http://www.otcwholesale.com/tens-units.html

Blog: http://blog.otcwholesale.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OTCWholesale

Twitter: https://twitter.com/otcwholesale


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